Makura Health & Neck Support Pillow

Client turned close friend, Agnes Tay of Active Hive handed me the Makura Health and Neck Pillow when I confided in her about my sleeping difficulties.  The thing with me is that I have difficulty getting a full night’s rest because my mind is in constant overdrive due to the love I have for my work. Even when I’m lying in bed with the intention to fall asleep, my iPad ‘mysteriously’ makes its way to my lap accompanied by my handphone. I’m the sort of person who goes out of her way to find work to do till she can’t keep her eyes open anymore and I STILL don’t really fall into deep sleep. The ability for a human being to get 8 hours of sleep a night seemed like a fallacy to me.

Makura_pillowAside from not finding a way to switch off completely, even when my eyes were closed, was also not being able to find THAT pillow. You know that perfect pillow that you see in TV commercials and find in 5 star hotels, the one that guarantees you sleep with a smile and wake up the happiest person on the planet? Yes I looked high and low for THAT pillow. I must have bought a hundred pillows in the last 5 years hoping that I find THE ONE.  And just like a fairytale, Makura Health and Neck Pillow came along and has since kept me still, in the still of the night. It is the reason I sleep for more than 6 hours a night uninterrupted and  wake up fresh as ever! Ever since I’ve had the Makura pillow, I’ve slept like a baby and woken up like a Superstar!

Key Benefits of Active Hive’s Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow:

  • Better air circulation and heat dissipation
  • Pillow retains its height and does not change shape
  • Adjustment of pillow height can be done by adding / removing the capsules
  • Uninterrupted, deep quality sleep as neck is aligned in its optimum angle
  • Hygienic and allergy-safe
  • Relieves and gets rid of neck and shoulder pain
  • Wake up more alert and well-rested

By adopting a healthier sleep posture which helps to alleviate pain, bodily processes are maximised and contributes to the body functioning at its optimum. This contributes to not only overall health but also increases the body’s fat burning abilities while asleep, leading to better energy upon waking up in the morning. When feeling less lethargic, one is less prone to relying on high sugar snacks for breakfast.

The unique capsules inside of the pillow provide better air circulation while you are asleep, thus providing more comfort and less heat retention, contributing to a better sleep experience.

In order for optimum support, the pillow retains its height all throughout a good night’s sleep, and does not change, thus it is at the optimal shape throughout the whole night without compromising comfort.

Inside each pillow, there is a certain number of capsules provided. However, not everyone’s natural phyqisue is the same, thus the amount of capsules inserted can be removed in order to suit your most comfortable neck and head position.

The pillow is shaped uniquely such that the neck and head are properly positioned. This leads to deep quality sleep providing proper rest that is uninterrupted. In the case of uncomfortable pillows that do not provide proper posture, one may tend to have trouble finding the right sleeping position and have interrupted sleep, which leads to not feeling well-rested the following day.

The pillow is 100% allergy-safe without any harm or risks to those with sensitive skin or dust allergies as the capsules are machine-washable, thus ensuring safe use for all. (Place pillow in washing net and place in wash machine to wash and spin dry, leave it to air or sun dry. DO NOT use a dryer.)

By adapting to the right sleeping position every night, the neck and shoulder aches caused by poor posture throughout the day becomes alleviated, and corrects posture problems. Without aches and pains, those who have been suffering from poor posture are able to correct their posture even while awake, leading to more comfort in everyday activities.

By having the right posture and achieving uninterrupted sleep, it directly benefits one’s energy levels and attention. Over time, the energy that you gain from sleeping in an optimal position enables you to achieve more in daily life.

I need not say more. Go get one yourself and enjoy the best sleep for the rest of your life!

The Makura Health and Neck SupportPillow retails at $188, available at Active Hive and online(

Promotion: Purchase a Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow and receive a complimentary Minus Calories workout worth $103.

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