CoCoICHIBANYA, Curry never tasted this good!

When I was first approached to be the master of ceremony for the media launch and grand opening of CoCoICHIBANYA’s 5th outlet in Singapore, I was ecstatic for many different reasons. The fact that the best Japanese curry house was expanding on this tiny little island and that the fifth outlet was located at one of the most accessible malls, Plaza Singapura, was all too good to be true.

Meeting local Director of CoCoICHIBANYA, Ms Jessica Lim, made clear how the high standards of service and quality of all the outlets here have been achieved. Ms Lim, who runs the business with her husband Mr Khun Torphong, was warm, humble, detailed oriented, conscientious and extremely committed to the comfort of both her customers and staff alike.

The media launch held on 29th October, was graced by celebrity bloggers, food reporters, radio presenters and celebrities who participated fully in all the exciting activities lined up that afternoon. Some were even daring enough to take part in the spicy level game in which participants were made to guess the spice level of the curry served to them by gorgeous models. Things got really hot then!

The highlight of the evening was of course the food tasting session. CoCoICHIBANYA did an impeccable job feeding their guests just about everything on the menu. Crowd favourites included the Goma Tofu and Fried Fish Salad, Miso Soup, Spring Baby Horse Mackerel Karaage, Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry and Wagyu Beef Steak Curry to name a few. It was no surprise that the feedback was fabulous and most could not resist ordering more than they got, despite the extra generous servings. To everyone’s delight, Japanese Director of CoCoICHIBANYA, Mr Kenji Tanaka, went from table to table answering questions and mingling with all his guests. It felt more like a family gathering than a launch with lots of warmth and laughter.

The grand opening which was held the very next day, commenced with a literal bang by the Japanese Taiko Drum Performers, followed by an astonishing blindfold painting demonstration by Singapore’s first female finger-painting artist, Ms Adeline Yeo. The strong and uninhibited finger strokes on her paintings, speak of uninhibited courage and confidence. Her works are often vibrant, refreshing and one-of-a-kind like the one she painted on the spot in front of a large audience and auctioned off for charity to the Make-A-Wish foundation for children battling with life-threatening medical conditions. Ms Yeo also dedicated a heartwarming poem to Mr Kenji Tanaka written beautifully with her magical art piece in mind.

Other highlights included champagne popping to officiate the opening by Directors Ms Jessica Lim, Khun Torphong, Mr Kenji Tanaka and Mrs Rasri Tanaka as well as welcome speeches by Ms Lim and Mr Tanaka expressing their appreciation for the large turnout and their plans to set up as many as 20 outlets in the near future. Having a CoCoICHIBANYA outlet just around the corner is certainly something we can all look forward to!

The next time you’re in town and looking for something to eat, head to CoCoICHIBANYA. You will be more than satisfied.

For more information on CoCoICHIBANYA, check out the following: 







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