The Visit

What should be scary is actually one of the funniest movies you will watch this year.

15-year-old Becca, an aspiring filmmaker, and 13-year-old Tyler, an aspiring rapper, are siblings who are preparing for a week-long stay with their grandparents. The two teenagers, who have never met their grandparents, intend to jointly film together a documentary about their visit. Their mother Loretta, has not seen her parents in 17 years, after she eloped with her boyfriend, of whom her parents did not approve. He has since left them and cut all contact with them in order to be with his second wife in California. Loretta tells Becca very little about the disagreement she had with her parents, suggesting that Tyler and Becca ask them for more details if they want. And so kids being kids, listen to mummy and start their ‘investigation’ as soon as they meet their grandparents, Nana and Pop Pop.

Nana and Pop Pop are somewhat eccentric from the start but not enough to scare the kids yet more than enough to pique their curiousity.
The movie is slow in the beginning till the real action begans followed by a series of thrilling events like when Nana leaps all over the basement in a game of hide and seek she was not expected to be in, or when Tyler finds his Pop Pop’s soiled diapers piled up in the ranch.

And the best scene in the movie is when Tyler sees his stark naked Nana scratching the walls outside their bedroom and turns to his sister and says, “Jesus Becca I’m blind.” From this scene onwards, it’s hard to keep your eyes half-opened or bury your head in your partner’s chest because Tyler just keeps getting funnier with his raps and one liners.

Tyler also decides to substitute his vulgarities with names of female country and western singers like Carrie Underwood and Sarah Mclachlan. He does it so well that you just can’t wait for him to ‘swear’ again. Tyler’s character keeps you from peeing in your pants when Nana and Pop Pop do something horrific because you just know a funny moment is right around the corner. It’s almost like you want to feel the fear but you can’t knowing that Tyler will show up and take the thrill away, in a good way.
The film definitely has intelligent elements like how the kids are suffering individually from their father’s absence in different ways. Tyler is terrified of germs and Becca cannot stand her own reflection due to abandonment issues. You do feel their pain when they express themselves in front of Becca’s camera which is used to film the entire movie. You also feel the need to rescue these kids from the their temporary hell when their grandparents start getting freakier.

I would say the scene is which you find out that their ‘grandparents’ are not their real grandparents, may be the only truly petrifying scene which sends chills down your spine. Other than that, this is more of a black comedy in my opinion and an enjoyable one at that.

It gets 4 out of 10 diapers from me.

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