THE SKEPTIC – This person has no optimistic views on anything. They always present a problem without a solution. This person is not trying to play devil’s advocate but genuinely cannot see the potential in anything. Not only is he or she constantly shooting down ideas and undermining suggestions, he or she also makes list of all the ways things could go wrong if they were to come into play. The Skeptic only sees the bad in everything. These people should be asked to come up with solutions to all the problems they present to stop them from discouraging the go-getters and optimists.

THE DISTRACTED – The Distracted is not as annoying as the Skeptic but can be distracting to have around because this person is only physically present. He or she is constantly texting, looking around the room, smiling to themselves or going for toilet breaks. The Distracted always ends up asking questions which have been answered because they were not paying attention. He or she has no idea what the last meeting was about and what the next meeting holds because they never ever pay attention. This is the last person you want an update from because they remember nothing. When you spot the DISTRACTED, sit next to him or her and keep repeating what everyone has said into their ears. Ensure they don’t miss a thing. 

The REITERATOR –  This person is on repeat 24-7. The REITERATOR repeats what the last person says word for word. He or she never adds to neither disagrees with anything, but reiterates everything. It’s like some part of their brain registers all that has been said and compels them to repeat that information for everyone’s sake. The scary thing bout the REITERATOR is he or she does not seem to realise that they are not saying anything new. The reiterator should be cut off at all times. Which brings me to my next clown, the Cutter-Offer

The CUTTER-OFFER – Needles to say, the Cutter-Offer does not appreciate complete sentences or the opinion of others. This person will never allow you to finish what you’re saying without interrupting you. He or she may have a good reason to do so, but has a bad habit of cutting you off all the time. This person  is obviously a bad listener unless listening to the sound of their own voice. The Cutter-Offer has to interject and set you straight to let you know who’s boss. The Cutter-Offer loves his or herself a lot and does not see why they have to subject to themselves to giving others a chance to say something. The Cutter-Offer is usually also a bully is some aspects. Wanting people to know who has a say at all times. The next time the Cutter-Offer cuts you off, just let him or her know it’s not polite to interrupt someone when they’re speaking. Maybe they really don’t know (NOT)!

The ROCK STAR – I’m sorry but unless you’re a actual rock star, you’re not a rock star, BUT the Rock Star does not know this. This person walks into a meeting demanding all the attention. He or she will do whatever it takes to be the centre of attraction. The Rock Star is usually guilty of creating distractions, cutting people off, posing problems and being downright rude when the spotlight is taken away from them. He or she is loud, extremely opinionated, narcissistic, condescending and even obnoxious at times. The Rock Star must be dealt with from the get-go or nothing fruitful will come out of any meeting because it will only revolve around him or her which are not why meetings are held. When faced with the Rock Star just tap them and tell them, “It’s not your wedding day or your birthday. We will give you the attention you need but today is not that day.”

THE MUTE – Finally the Mute. We appreciate silence but meetings are for brainstorming. The Mute does not realise that speaking at a meeting is welcomed. He or she is either totally quiet throughout or says ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’. Usually the Mute just nods when in agreement or disagreement. The Mute is probably harmless or is afraid of the Rock Star and Cutter-Offer. Maybe the Mute gets distracted by the DISTRACTED…who knows. But the Mute should be encouraged to be more vocal or he or she may come across as redundant. The next time you spot the MUTE single them out and pose them a question, they may surprise themselves by replying.

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