Breast to Kill

I am not a cleavage person. Come to think of it, I may have been once upon a time, only to feel dirty because of a mother who believes that showing a hint of cleavage is a cardinal sin. And when you are constantly told to pull your blouse up, even when you’re in a turtleneck, you’re almost destined to hate showing your 75C cups off.

I have no idea when it became a mandatory for women to cover up the top half of our bodies while men are still allowed to walk around shirtless but I have no qualms with that because I love clothes. I love blouses more than anything else. Hence, this is not me trying start something here (like I could change the world with one article anyway). What I am boggled by is why society has decided that less breasts is best. At which point was it decided that our breasts were not ours to show off? I personally like looking at women’s breast, especially if they have nice racks. And we all know how much men love breasts too don’t we? So with all the breast-love going on in the world today, why does Jennifer Aniston’s very low-cut gown on the red carpet become a big deal, when it should be as normal as Justin Theroux in a tux? What’s there to talk about? The woman has breasts! Big whoop!

The only reason I can think of, which doesn’t make much sense, is that we may attract the wrong attention. Who’s fault is that exactly? How are we women to blame, if some pervert decides he wants to misbehave or break the law because he saw more than he could handle? Shouldn’t society just tell those men to work on their self control and tell the rest of us to stop judging and mind our own business?

With all the breastlessness going on inside of me, I finally decided to live dangerously after all these years and show more breasts then I’m comfortable with and my mother would approve of. Timing couldn’t be more perfect because I discovered a hole in my top, while I was out and about two days ago, and walked straight into Forever 21 with the intention to buy myself a top which said, ‘please stare right here and don’t stop because I know it will be too hard for you even if you tried’. IMG_6352

I have to say it felt pretty empowering to not wear it with shame. To ‘own it’ because it’s part of my anatomy, unlike fake lashes or a Chanel bag. I can’t choose to leave my breasts at home on rainy days and Sundays and I am blessed to have a healthy pair unlike some unfortunate women who’ve had to have theirs removed. With all of the above said, I am not encouraging women to run around braless or topless or give Jennifer Aniston a run for her money on the red carpet. The point I am trying to drive home is, show your twins off if you want to, because you can.

You can choose to feel about good and confident about yourself no matter what you’re wearing. When you wear the right attitude, you automatically attract the right attention. This does not apply to just your clothes, it applies to everything. You can either choose to feel ashamed or proud of who you are, where you come from and what you own. Whatever you decide, is yours. Your mindset can empower you or destroy you. Now go get breast up and conquer the world!

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  1. Bernie Lawrence says:

    Amen 👏👐

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