It should really be ACTION, lights and then camera! Why do I say this? Because I just started preparing for a role in an upcoming web series, in which I play a sociopath who hates men because she was raped by my father as a little girl. You could say it’s a psychological thriller/action series. Like Kill Bill meets Misery, to give you a clearer picture.

I am no stranger to how it works because I have worked behind the scenes. In fact I was recently assisting the producer of a music video and all I kept thinking was, “When do I get to sleep?”. To my surprise, going from behind the camera to in front of it, is no less tiring unless you’re a slacker. There’s getting your body into shape, getting your acting up to speed, understanding your character’s profile and how someone like him or her would speak, gesture, stand, sit, walk or interact with others. And the biggest one for me now is, how she would fight like a trained killer. A person trained in martial arts would throw a punch very differently from one who is not because there is no technique involved. Not to mention the difference in fear levels. One would move from pure survival instincts where the other would move to defend as well as attack. 

For film, you are moving for the camera which requires some sense of familiarity, technique, coordination, patience, calmness, awareness and the overall the know-how. Like my fight choreographer said, ‘It’s like having to speak a foreign language for a role. Knowing how to say it phonetically alone will not suffice. There’s syntax, semantics, pragmatics etc. Knowing the basic foundation will determine whether you sell the shot effectively or not. So now I’m learning the basics of fight club; Right and Left Cross, Right and Left Straight Punch,Falls, Slaps, Chokes, Slams, Knee Kicks and more. I must also know not to hurt my partner because there is no such thing as a solo fight scene. That would make no sense whatsoever unless you’re playing a nutter.

One thing I have to tell you is that, I have seen my body change faster thIMG_5918an it has with Yoga, running and weight bearing exercises. There is something about moving every part of your body vigorously for a couple of hours straight, that whips you into shape very quickly. However, that’s not what I love most. Learning how to fight gives me that feeling of empowerment. As a woman, I like knowing that I am equipped with the skills to defend myself and cause my opponent some serious damage if absolutely necessary. There is no part of me that wants to actualise such a scenario but I am grateful that I feel less fear attached to anything that resembles danger to myself or others.IMG_6050

Back to fight choreography, I’ve had the privilege of acquiring the assistance of former boxing champion Suthevan Sukumaran, fight choreographer and Kali expert, Tushar Ismail and action artiste as well as friend Val Senan to help me go from amateur girly fighter to hardcore trained killer by October 2015. thanks to all these guys, I am looking forward to my deadly fight scene with a police inspector who tries to bring me down. It’s going to get REAL real soon.
Stay tuned and I’ll tell you more. Kisses!

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