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It may be called a fitness regime but it felt more like a fitness getaway to me. When I was invited by AT Marketing Consultancy to try out their Minus Calories ‘miracle’ machine as I call it, I was a little apprehensive because I barely hit the gym. I was told that it was possible for me shed approximately 600 calories in 30mins which usually takes a lot of sweat and pain to achieve. To my surprise, it turned out to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience from the beginning.

The session starts out with a detailed consultation and body composition analysis, followed by a fitness Assessment and customized programme recommendations to suit the individual. This is followed then the actual Anti-Aging Detox Workout that end with a fresh post-workout POWER juice by Hurom.

My favourite part was watching movies on an iPad provided for me by Active Hive. It made the 30mins feel like 5mins. After 5 sessions, I was given a rundown of Body Composition Analysis record.

Over the trial period of my Minus Calories workout, there was an improvement in my stamina, achieving 587 calories burned with 1.75 Km during 5th session, as compared to 1st session of 160 calories burned with 2.1 Km.

The good news is my readers are entitled to the following:

Closing Date: 18th July 2015

Must check out:

Active Hive website: http://www.activehive.co/ 

For Your Indulgence – Versatility and Quality to Complement Your Every Oufit

Accessorize or go home. No matter how pretty the dress, a beautiful necklace and bag make a bolder statement. It’s the difference between ordinary and captivating.

Being a mother and career woman, I need to be fashionably flexible. Everyday I go from being a wife and mother, to a ‘Girl on the Go’. Constantly out and about meeting clients, conducting interviews for my blog, attending events and workshops, catching up with friends and business contacts and the list go on. My lifestyle demands renovating my fashion style while maintaining my individuality, because I am my own brand. Since I don’t believe in spending money exuberantly, I tend to go for decently priced brands like For Your Indulgence (FYI), an online bags and accessories store from Singapore. My recent purchases cost me no more than $250! Thanks to FYI, I not only get to have fun with my outfits, I also get to change my look as often as I like giving me the VERSATILITY, SOPHISTICATION & CONVENIENCE I need. Take a look at some of my new buys. This is not all of it;)

FYI_PurpleBag PurpleBag2GrayBag GrayBag2
Ultra Soft 3-in1 Reversible Calf Leather Tote Bag with Added Sling Bag and Pouch (Grey/ Purple), $129.90


Handmade Exotic Beaded Necklace (Black/ Gold), $24.90

RedNecklace2 RedNecklace
Handmade Exotic Beaded Necklace (Red/ White), $24.90

For more information about For Your Indulgence, check out the following:

Tel: 6384 2758 

Operating hours: (By appointment only) 

  • Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm 

  • Sat & Sun: 10am to 6pm 

  • Public Holidays: Closed 

Enjoy a 10% discount when you shop online at http://www.fyindulgence.com using coupon code learnwithease. Please note that the coupon code will expire on 30 June 2015.

  • In addition, 1 selected reader would be entitled to products of their choice, worth SGD$100. Winner will be picked by 31 May 2015.

All thanks to AT Marketing,  I was invited to the FYI product launch,  https://www.facebook.com/AtMarketingConsultancy?fref=ts

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