Dental Care Awareness is Important!

Last weekend I stayed home while the family was over at my sister’s place because I felt like hell in my mouth. What I mean by this, is that my teeth and gums were aching badly. This is a first for me because I practise good oral hygiene, so of course I panicked wondering if I had gum disease, but it turns out it was sensitive teeth, thanks to my wonderful dentist.


Before I booked my dental appointment, I was scared about what the dentist would to reveal to me. To my relief she told me that I have a great set of teeth and gums and that the pain I felt was due to wear & tear from hard brushing using hard toothbrushes and tooth whitening toothpaste. I was GUILTY of both so she was obviously right. I highly recommend them if you have dental worries –

This was a good eye-opener for me because I have never thought much about the type of toothbrushes or toothpaste I use and how it affects my teeth and gums. Well now I know!

Here’s more about sensitive teeth:

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