Wheeler’s Yard stole my heart! THE cafe has arrived in Singapore

I was introduced to this amazingly cool cafe at 28 Lorong Ampas in Balestier. It may not sound cool to you considering it’s location but NEVER judge a cafe by it’s location ever, that’s what I learned as I stood in awe of this cool bicycle cafe. Did I say cool again? I believe I did and I can’t say it enough. Wheeler’s Yard is one of those places you always wished existed in Singapore but never did, or at least up until now:)

The mocha was delicious, the space was so wide with such high ceilings. I felt like running around for no reason except that it such a nice big space. And the toilets brought back that nostalgic feeling of old Singapore. It felt like you were taking a pee in the 70’s which is quite awesome if you grew up in that era. Ok enough about the cool toilets. Let’s go back to this super cool cafe. I mean this was an industrial warehouse turned into a bicycle cafe. What genius came up with that idea? I LOVE it! Think I’m gonna speak to the owner or owners. I want to thank whoever is responsible for this brilliant idea.

The food was good too. I had a beef burger with truffle fries. Couldn’t finish it but I definitely enjoyed it. Call them at +65 6254 9128 just in case you get lost on the way. It’s not the easiest place to find but once you arrive, you don’t wanna leave.



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