Anthony Robbins on giving Presentations

He’s one of my heroes. I just love the energy & passion he exudes. If I lived with him, I’d probably be bouncing off walls 24-7 which I’m ok with although I do believe in quiet time to calm the mind.

So back to what this post is really about – Tips on giving a kick-ass PRESENTATION

I’ve never met anyone who’s said “I love giving presentations! I always look forward to my turn.” So I guess it’s not a task most people enjoy and more often than not we don’t enjoy or love doing something we’re not used to. That fear is so visible that we can see, feel & touch it. But how do we rid ourselves of that fear? The answer is, we learn how to do something well. So for those of you who might have to give presentations at work or want to learn how to give a good one just in case, I found this in a copy of Fortune magazine. It’s simple & to the point like this blog☺️

Take a look


If you have your own tips feel free to share. We’re all here to learn as much as we can from each other. 😘

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